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Steve Dusheck's Introduction to Business Card Magic © 2011

The magic listed here is not self working or easy to do. It requires practice. You must make the tricks using your computer and print them with your color printer. Many of the cards will have to be laminated too. These effects are not for the lazy magic hobbyist with more money than talent. To appreciate the full value of these concepts you must be a serious, working magician. If the image you create is not that of a successful entertainer, the tricks I teach will not play well for you.

If you do not have the time or equipment to make the tricks in my manuscripts you can buy them from me customized with your name, title and phone number. My prices are surprisingly reasonable.

Binary Math, Progressive Anagrams, Business Cards and You is the title of a manuscript that describes a business card that potential clients want and keep. Everyone you give your business card to is a potential client. They will also show your business card to their friends, relatives and coworkers. Everyone who sees your business card is a potential client too. This additional, free, advertising can provide many extra bookings for you.

You will be taught a variety of ways to customize your business cards to fit the needs of your clients and shown many variations so the card is of special interest to specific audiences. This is a great business card and worth a small fortune to any working magician. The manuscript is only $10.00.

The Universal Packet Card Trick is another of my manuscripts that teaches a business card magic trick. The routine is quick and easy to follow. The magic entertains and fools the audience. The props are the laminated, business cards you made with your computer. The handling requires a knowledge of several standard sleights.

The thing that makes my UPCT so special is that I teach you how to modify it so it looks and plays like a new, completely different magic effect. By simply changing the graphics and presentation you can create a routine for every special occasion and theme you will ever require. This is extremely important if you are a local, part-time, close-up magician performing for the same, repeat customers.

Since the handling is always the same for every UPCT you create, you never have to waste your time learning each new trick you make. The UPCT is perfect for walk around or table hopping too. You will soon discover that magic designed to fit a special occasion, or interest, plays much stronger than generic tricks. Invest in yourself and buy the Universal Packet Card Trick manuscript. It only costs $15.00.

Force Fields 2004 If you are tired of using the same generic forces all the magic hobbyists use, you will want this manuscript. You will find many great ways to force one of four objects, one of  five things, and one of six items. You will learn how to take advantage of common information and use it as a method of forcing. You will be taught how to create forces for the specific theme you require. You can make most of the props with your computer and color printer.

The forces are logical and fit the effects you need them for. You won't ever use the weak forces, the other magicians are stuck with, once you start using the forces in this manuscript. Since it requires work to make them, you don't have to worry about the lazy magic hobbyists in your area using them.

The Force Fields 2004 manuscript is only available directly from me. Don't be fooled by the cheaper copies being sold that only teach two of my old forces. The price of my 28 page manuscript is $20.00.

Don't judge my manuscripts by the very low prices I charge for them. They are worth much more.

NEW ITEMS Most of my regular customers are part-time local magicians. They all perform a lot of paid shows and know the value of having magic their competition can't do. They discovered how business card magic increases bookings and client satisfaction while entertaining their audiences. They asked for more business card magic so here are four new manuscripts. These were not advertised on my original web site. For several years only my regular customers had access to them.

The Pocket Magic Act evolved over time because so many people asked me to teach them an easy magic trick. They loved the trick and each time I saw them they asked if I had any new tricks to teach them. I kept making new business card magic tricks for my "fans" because it generated good will and was great additional advertising for me. This manuscript describes 18 business cards. The cards have magic tricks on one side with the instructions printed on the back side.

The manuscript tells you how to use the cards individually or in sets to give, or sell, as premiums. It also shows you how to use the cards to teach a magic class. None of the tricks expose effects used by working magicians but they do teach magic principles. That makes them a great gift for the serious student. The Pocket Magic Act manuscript is only $10.00.

The Illusion Rods is one of the two business cards I always carry with me. The other card is my Binary Country business card. It is extremely popular because it is a visual magic trick that anyone can do. But there is much more to the Illusion Rods than just being an entertaining business card every potential client wants. My manuscript will teach you many other ways the business card can be used to please clients and audiences. This might be the best business card investment you will ever make. The cost is $15.00.

Hot Cards teaches you the business card magic trick I performed and taught the couples at a famous honeymoon resort during the two years I entertained there. I also do this for couples celebrating their wedding anniversary. It plays very well and they keep my business cards. The nice feature about this trick is that you can easily change the theme for different presentations or special occasions. The manuscript tells you all about it and other variations on this easy magic trick/business card. This manuscript is $10.00.

Forceless is really a force but you force less. It's also very effective mentalism. The spectator has a completely free choice of any number and you count (not spell) to that number along a row of six objects. That's how clean the force is. Like most of my business card magic the theme is easily changed and many examples are included. There is also a completely different effect using the same cards. That is called Multi-Monte. Both the mental effect and magic trick are pretty easy to do. Find out for just $10.00.

UPCT Description and Example List tells you about over 200 of my UPCT effects. That's right, 200! It's filled with my ideas and the creations of my magician friends. There are tricks for just about every special occasion and every theme you can think of. You can entertain an audience with a common interest or hobby or fill the specific needs of your clients. It's a great way to get ideas to inspire your own creations or to see the many tricks you can make yourself or have custom made.

When you buy the UPCT Description/Example list you can receive manuscript updates, showing the latest new UPCT effects, free. The list has over 90 pages. At only $20.00, this is a fantastic bargain.

Business Card Magic Catalog I now have a catalog describing 130 different business card effects you can buy customized with your name, title and phone number printed on them. Most of the tricks in the catalog are not taught in my manuscripts. The catalog originally had the 80 tricks from my book on business card magic. It now has 130 tricks. My customers receive updates to the catalog free so they never have to buy another catalog. There is an amazing variety of magic business card effects described. These customized magic tricks cost less than the mass produced tricks sold by magic dealers. These are very exclusive effects which is why I don't advertise them and why I charge $10.00 for the catalog.

The Steve Dusheck 1982 Lecture DVD If you are not familiar with the 300 magic tricks I marketed I suggest you watch my lecture DVD. I made a VHS video of some of my magic lecture in 1982. It was home made and looks home made because I made it completely by myself just for my magician friends. They enjoyed the magic and so will you. I perform about twenty effects. My daughter converted the tape to DVD for my farewell lecture in 2005. It sold out and word of mouth has kept it selling ever since. If you don't like the magic on my DVD you won't like my business card magic. It's only $10.00.


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Business card magic manuscripts... Proven by Professional working magicians

  1. 1.Binary Math, Progressive Anagrams, Business Cards and You

  2. 2.The Universal Packet Card Trick

  3. 3.Force Fields 2004

  4. 4.The Pocket Magic Act

  5. 5.The Illusion Rods

  6. 6.Hot Cards

  7. 7.Forceless

  8. 8.UPCT Description & Example List

  9. 9.Business Card Magic Catalog




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